Thursday, November 10, 2005

Framework Description

Finally I finished scripting the Description of the Framework :). There were many things to talk about but the dilemma was not what to mention but rather how much of each element to state, I hope that I got it right. Following is the Post-Development draft for the Framework

"Framework provides a mechanism that guides programmers through a proper order of steps via a common interface to implement business vocabularies in a systematic format and technical structure. Framework, consisting of specialized APIs, services, and tools, is built around the concept of providing technological support for reducing knowledge as well as time programmers’ needs to built extensible applications. Framework is prevalent in the area of .Net based desktop designs.
At the heart of the Framework is an Application Container and a Framework Class Library (FCL).The Application Container constitutes an environment for servicing and running WinForms based application that inhabits FCL. FCL is a managed code library of classes and interfaces that define a contract of cooperation between application and the container itself. Framework is tailored around the concept of Thin Client. Framework Security Administration Panel implements IoC (Inversion of Control) to provide integration with Enterprise Business Application.

Framework provides,
1) Secure Client-Server Communication (based on Symmetric key Encryption as part of Security sub-package of Microsoft Enterprise Library Block).
2) Dynamic Download of Business Components.
3) XML based data-binding model – Performs auto-binding of WinForms to domain objects and vice versa.
4) Dynamic Security - dynamic menu generation and tasks (Action Buttons), as per the assigned user permissions/rights.
5) Theme Builder and Appling Theme – Theme builder generate user desired XML based Theme which automatically applies to application to give it a consistent look & feel.

Framework is built exercising .NET Remoting, XML and .NET Microsoft Enterprise Library Block.
Along with Framework development, C# code generation tool was also developed which Generates PONO reflected against existing database schema of different styles."

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