Thursday, November 10, 2005

Encounter with the Avalon Kind

I was working on the Microsoft Presentation layer (Avalon) and had a strange feeling that I’m working in good old days of HTML but just an advance version of the HTML. Jokes aside Microsoft has given Framework and Tool developers their long awaited desire of generating and persisting UI in XML format. The thing that impressed me most is the flexibility in creating Controls e.g. I can have a button and in a button I can have a Panel in that panel I can have images, text ect. The simplicity of XAML combined with the power of Avalon has made this Presentation Layer Framework a very elegant piece of Software Engineering. But I do have some fears about it as how it will perform in a Real Application with the complexity of User Requirement is involved. I hope and feel that Avalon will come good and Microsoft have finally nailed it right this time around.

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