Friday, May 26, 2006

Microsoft Application Security Seminar @ NED Postponed

Due to the strike in Karachi the event @ NED University on 27th May has been postponed to 1st June. It would have been great if it was on 27th because it was Saturday and the attendance would have been very good.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Conducting the Preliminary Round for Imagine Cup 2006 Pakistan

On 20th May the preliminary round for Projects entries for Imagine cup was completed. The judges panel included Waqar Khamisani (Microsoft ISV Manager Pakistan), Dr. Saeed Ghani(Chairman CS and MIS,IBA) , Rehan Ghayor(Sr. Manager MIS ,IBA), Talha Mahmood and My self. We went through many projects, discussing the projects detail and marking them. Finally we select 5 projects to be forwarded to the final round, before sending them to India. The final assessment Round will be held on 29th May 2006.

Friday, May 19, 2006

WCF Architecture

WCF architecture consists of 4 main sections

I have talk about Contracts in one of my previous entry. Let’s examine the other parts of this framework

Service Runtime

The service runtime layer contains the behaviors that occur only during the actual operation of the service, that is, the runtime behaviors of the service. E.g. Instancing, throttling, error handling etc.


The messaging layer shows the formats and exchange patterns of the data. WS Security enables security at the message layer while WS Reliable Messaging channel enables the guarantee of message delivery. The encoders present a range of encodings that can be used to suit the needs of the message.

Activation and Hosting

This is the part where service is started by analyzing its activation options. Services can be either self-hosted or hosted in the context of another application.

Monday, May 15, 2006

From .NET Remoting to the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

I personally tried to convert my project from Web services to WCF and I’m still trying but in the mean while found 1 great Article on Microsoft Site.

Click here to view the Article

Assessing Projects For Imagine Cup 2006 from Pakistan

I received a mail from Vaqar Khamisani (ISV manager, Microsoft Pakistan) that I'll be part of Judging Committee for the Imagine cup 2006 project evaluation in Pakistan. I have been helping many students to improve their projects for Imagine Cup and resolve their issues for last 2 months or so. Now this is the time to actually see that they have done and there are many entries from students which I have not help/assisted. I feel it will be very interesting to evaluate them. Hopefully their will be very good entries and they perform very well in India.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Microsoft Application Security Seminar @ Karachi University

It was my first event in KU and 2nd the series of Seminars on Application Security. I was accompanied by Razi bin Rais (Snr. Software Eng, Kalsoft). I spoke on WinFX, WCF and Security in WCF. There were some interesting questions about WCF as the students were trying to understand the core concept, later on I showed them a Demo. Razi started with the core concept of Web Applications and moved on to ASP.NET and then to new login/roles/users related controls in ASP.NET2. After the event I Introduced Imagine cup and distributed the CDs which were provided by Microsoft.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Seminar On Application Security In Fast-NU

Today I went to Fast-NU with Wajahat (MVP ASP.NET) for the Application security. I talked about indigo and the Security options in it. Wajahat took on Writing Secure code. It went pretty well the guys looked very impressed with WCF. As I was talking about message passing between applications a question about Application integration gave me chance to discuss BizTalk Server

Monday, May 01, 2006