Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Two great features of vista

I was exploring vista and came across two great features of vista. I hope I’ll be able to speak on them soon in some MS event
· P2P / People Near Me: The P2P platform comprises powerful native APIs that help you build peer-to-peer applications. The functionality in the Vista platform takes care of the infrastructure for discovery, connection, and communication between applications, whether we’re talking about two parties or on a multi-party mesh. The P2P functionality transparently plugs into DNS, so peers can easily find and communicate with each other across the internet. And the People Near Me feature locates other users on the same Internet access point. The platform can even create an ad-hoc network directly between users who aren’t connected to the Internet.
· RSS Platform: the RSS platform lets you build RSS-enabled applications without rewriting the basic building blocks of RSS infrastructure. The Common Feed List, Feed Synchronization Engine, and Feed Store in Windows Vista give you support for all major ATOM and RSS formats, background scheduled updates, and APIs that expose a simple object model for feeds. Including RSS support in your application has never been easier.

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